Is this real– Period Tracker Lite?

Ok, so if anyone follows my blog you could probably guess that I am not that hip with technology, yes I can navigate my macbook enough to successfully maneuver the Adobe Suite, but I recently got my first iPhone, which is sadly just a 3GS. Anyway, the other day when I was at work, my coworker announced that there were 5 days left until her period. This particular statement did not seem strange to me until she showed me her iPhone screen that was covered in pink hearts and a tracker that clearly said “5 days left until your period.” My first reaction was, what the hell? I was totally put-off by the happy faces and butterflies. I mean first of all if my period is in five days I better have some stormy clouds and trolls, amiright?

Another comical aspect of this app is that the description says it is “simple and cute.”  Let me reiterate that there is nothing cute about a period.  I also don’t understand the relevance of the tree branch, but clearly I don’t get this, and as I researched this app I found there is a Lite and Deluxe version.  I understand that some ladies need to track their monthly visitor, but why does it have to look like this? I think it is a true reflection of the weird culture we have developed around menstruation– from “girly” Kotex commercials to “cute” period apps.

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