Thursday Friday Bags for Everyday of the Week

Living in New York means that you pretty much automatically become a bag lady (or man). I truly feel that I am constantly lugging around totes full of groceries, laundry etc. etc. and it is only a matter of time before I must adopt an abandoned shopping cart to transport my belongings. Well, as I was shopping around in SoHo this weekend I stumbled upon a little ray of sunshine called the Together bag by Thursday Friday. This bag is a flexible and roomy tote that has the print of what appears to be a designer purse, what the designers refer to as an “anti-status status symbol.”  

Not to mention, Thursday Friday is run by two smart and awesome ladies, Roni Brunn and Olena Sholomytska.  The trend for spring is bright bags so you can really kill two birds with one stone, functional and fashionable. Love it! The bags run about $65, but it’s a small price to pay when you can feel chic toting bags around the city. They also have a pretty cool blog, check it out here.


One Comment to “Thursday Friday Bags for Everyday of the Week”

  1. These bags are brilliantly fun and creative!

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