Do The Hunger Games Critics Hate Women?

Okay, so maybe saying they hate women is a strong statement, but the reactions made public by critics and fans seems to hate on the women in the film. Yesterday, I shared the backlash that came from fans as they shared their disappointment that Rue was played by Amandla Stenberg due to the fact that she was black. The feedback shared on Twitter revealed very hostile comments about Rue, even mentioning that her death wasn’t as sad because she is black.

Well, critics seem to have it out for the leading lady too, claiming that she was not skinny enough to play the emaciated 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen in the film. The New York Mag article,quotes reviews pointing out Jennifer Lawrence’s “lingering baby fat.” What? Of course the physiques of the men in the film don’t happen to be pointed out.

With such an anticipated film, it seems almost unbelievable to me that these are the critiques that viewers have to offer. I personally have not seen the film or read the books, but I definitely think the experience will now be a bit tainted.  It seems that whenever a strong woman is present, Lawrence does kick-ass in the film, there are always others trying to bring her down.


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