“Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal.”

In anticipation of the next chapter of my life, I decided that today I would clean out my closet, Carrie Bradshaw style. Although unlike Carrie, I didn’t have three other fashionistas there to aid my “take and trash” decisions, I did have just as many memories. Sifting through years of clothing and accessories holds more emotional and psychological “letting go” than one might imagine, especially when you have hoarding like tendencies.

When my grandmother passed away several years ago, I couldn’t help but be excited when the day came to go through her clothing, which took up approximately one small bedroom and two wall-length closets. As my style icon, each piece represented a memory that I had shared with her. When I had finally finished sorting through piles of clothing and accessories, I realized holding onto material things doesn’t make the memories any more clear, so I kept the Chanel scarves and rid the 80s style pumps.

As I approach my 22nd birthday and life after college, it was definitely time to get rid of those fashion faux pas that were packed in the deep depths of my closet. A mustard Kathy Van Zeeland purse and a pair of high-waisted Old Navy Jeans were just some of the pieces that got tossed. Of Course there were those “I will definitely wear that” or “I got that for my fifth birthday” moments, but I realized I am only lying to myself. With the exception of those timeless pieces of course. My ever evolving style had gone from my junior high school anything from American Eagle style replaced by my high school anything with skulls style which has long been replaced by pieces from fashion legends like Marc Jacobs, all which had found themselves in my mess of a closet. I guess the biggest lesson to learn here is that without getting rid of the old, there will never be room for the new. As Yves Saint-Laurent said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

So with that, goodbye Coach and hello Alexander Wang!

Also, I am happy to say that my blog has reached over 1,500 views. This is quite the accomplishment considering my lackadaisical approach to blogging.


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