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July 14, 2011

got milk? Has Got Sexism

Okay, okay so I have been lacking in my blogging as of late.  I have been super busy doing great things. I am at New York University for the summer where I am participating in the Hyperlocal Newsroom Summer Academy! It has been a great experience so far, but it has also been super time consuming. Anyway, I came across this advertisement for the got milk? campaign that I found so repulsive that I had to put it on here. I am so disappointed that the campaign has had to turn to resolving PMS for publicity. Do people really not drink milk anymore?  I am astonished. Unfortunately the advertisement only lead me to a more unbelievable website called Everything I  do is Wrong. This allows men to check the current global PMS level and even has a puppy dog-eye-zer. Crazy,  I am so glad I turned to Soy years ago.

everything-i-do-is-wrong-got-milk.jpg (484×272)