The Well-Dressed Feminist

The Well-Dressed Feminist was an idea that I  first came up with in response to some challenges that I was facing. After taking a Women and Gender Studies class in the Fall of 2009, I knew that feminism was something that I was passionate about. Being an independent woman was something instilled in me from a young age but feminism united me with others who faced the same obstacles as I did as a young woman in the United States. As I branched out with my feminist studies, I realized that to truly call myself a feminist it would be important to get physically and  politically involved.

The women that I now surrounded myself with were accepting but there was something that I always felt self- conscious about — my appearance. This seemed completely ironic to me because I was working to escape the pressures of fitting the “beauty ideal” for men but now I felt that I was was to fem to be a feminist. When people think about feminists one thing that usually comes to mind is bra- burning butch girls with hairy armpits. ( I will take this time to debunk the myth that any bras were actually burned at that rally, contrary to popular belief.)  Anyway, I did not fit this perceived image of what a feminist should be, actually most women don’t.

I developed the Well-Dressed Feminist, so that women and men can understand that being a feminist doesn’t mean being butch and hating men. Any women can be a feminist regardless of their appearance and if your like me appearance is important in a way that it is an expression of my self. I use fashion as an artistic outlet and it is something I thoroughly enjoy. So with that being said, I hope to pass on my  passion of fashion and feminism.


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